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Central Iowa Gambling Treatment Program's approach to addictions treatment is comprehensive. We concentrate on understanding each client's special needs and providing guidance needed to return clients to healthier lives.


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Community Outreach

Central Iowa Gambling Treatment Program strives to keep the public and its community leaders informed about compulsive gambling and its effects on Central Iowa and its families.  Through the media, local appearances, and lobbying efforts, we reach out to educate Iowans on a host of issues relating to compulsive gambling and its destructive nature.

CIGTP has reached out to members of the media to get the message about compulsive gambling and how it effects the families and the community as a whole.  Through radio and television interviews, CIGTP puts a human face on our services.

CIGTP makes local appearances at a number of venues.  Our booths at local and county fairs are always a hit with the young people and we feel it is important for people to be able to meet us face to face.  Visiting local high schools has allowed us to get our message to young people and educate so they have the tools to make the right decisions.  CIGTP feels that prevention is one way to keep potential problem gamblers from getting too far in trouble.  And when they do get into trouble, there is somewhere to turn.

Our lobbying efforts are simply a way to educate the politicians about our program and the costs that compulsive gambling lays on our communities.  We are not anti-gambling.  We are simply here to educate the public, prevent potential problems, and treat compulsive gambling.

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Last modified: 01/29/08