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Central Iowa Gambling Treatment Program's approach to addictions treatment is comprehensive. We concentrate on understanding each client's special needs and providing guidance needed to return clients to healthier lives.


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Client Rights

As a client in this program you have certain rights and responsibilities which include:

  1.  To receive consideration and be treated with respect and dignity.

  2. To obtain information regarding your status in treatment.

  3.  While a client in our program, you have the right to leave treatment at your discretion. If you are on probation, Court Ordered, Court admitted, involved with Child Protective Services, etc., it is our responsibility to inform those agencies of your decision, whether you sign out Against Medical Advice, leave during treatment hours, or simply fail to report or return for treatment.

  4. Your involvement in treatment and all information in your records is protected under Federal Confidentiality Regulations. We cannot confirm or deny that you are, or have been, a client in this program, unless there is a signed Release of Information in your file to that specific person or agency.

  5. Telephone calls for you will be handled by telling the caller that we cannot confirm or deny your involvement, but if they care to leave a message, it will be placed on the call message board. It is entirely up to you whether you return the call.

  6. There is a grievance procedure that will be explained to you at the time of admission. If you feel that you have a bonafide grievance, please follow that procedure.

  7. You have the right to request referrals to other agencies for treatment and/or for additional assistance. Examples: Halfway houses, Victim Services, Legal Aid, etc.

  8. You have the right to feel safe. Emotional and/or physical abuse by another client or staff member will not be tolerated.


Client Responsibilities

  1. Client is expected to work with the counselor to draw up a plan for the client’s treatment.

  2. The client must attend all appointments unless he/she gives proper notice ahead of time when he/she will not be present. This notice must be given 24-hours in advance. If proper notice is not received, a fee of $10.00 will be charged to the client. This fee must be paid in full before the client will be seen again.

  3. The client is to be responsible for paying his/her fees on time.

  4.  Clients who receive treatment at our agency are expected to not use any drugs or alcohol, (except as prescribed by a physician and approved by the staff) while they are being seen at our program.

  5.  All that we do with people at the Central Iowa Gambling Treatment Program Inc., is confidential. Therefore, clients are expected to not give out names of other people they see here or any information about them outside of the Program

  6. This is an equal opportunity agency, this program does not, by act or deed discriminate against any person desiring treatment based on race, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, handicap or socio-economic background.

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